Friday, February 19, 2010

Traffic is now caused by the Sun

Wow, the week seems to go by faster and faster every least its time for another Mrs. 4's Friday Fragments!  I am always fragmented, so here goes for this week:

Mommy's Idea
-I was driving to work yesterday and the traffic guy was telling me about all the slowdowns.  It was slow on a certain part of the interstate heading into town.  Apparently the slow traffic was due to the sun blinding drivers as they came over a hill.  hmmmm...don't they have those little visor things in their car?

-Volkswagen - its the "punch buggy" game, not the punch every VW make and model game.  Duh.  Your commercials are really annoying me.  Plus, that was so like 5 years ago.

-Note to self:  No matter how excited you are that the windshield wiper fluid has thawed, don't use it in the mornings when the temperature is in the 20's, because it will freeze to the windshield.

-I love the Olympics!!!!  especially the winter Olympics.  Figure skating is my favorite.  I used to dream before I fell asleep as a child that I was skating to whatever country cool songs playing on my radio.  We were watching the men's figuring skating the other night and the hubs made a comment about how much "gay-er" it has become.  I said no, they wore sparkle outfits back in the day too.  Well...

Scott Hamilton 1984

 Brian Boitano 1988

Evan Lysacek 2010

Johnny Weir 2010

I think I may have lost this one.  What do you think?


  1. Sunglasses really help when driving in bright sun. My husband keeps his in the car all the time.

    Definitely better off with a dirty windshield than an icy one!

    I agree with your husband on the skating.

  2. I think your husband nailed this one on the head. I've noticed the same thing, but the skating is still just as amazing!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hello,glad i found you through Friday Follow!

  4. oh, I'm so upset that I'm missing the Olympics this winter- especially the skating. We don't have TV and we gave up Hulu for lent.

  5. oh, and I TOTALLY thought that last one was a GIRL!

  6. Love the figure skating flashbacks. Your dog is too cute- I have one of those unknowns myself.

    Stopping by from FF to say hello.

  7. The man has a point. :-) Brian Boitano was flamboyant but Johnny Weir gave that a WHOLE new meaning. Dang.

    The next time we drive to NY will be stocking up on the -20 degrees windshield washer fluid my father buys. It's worth it!

  8. Hi! Stopped by from Follow Friday and am now following you!

    I look forward to reading your posts:)

    Tangie (3boyzmom)

  9. thanks for the follow...I'm following you back :)

  10. Stopping by from Friday Follow - thanks for the follow and I'm following back!

  11. I'm a big fan of figure skating too! I found you on Mama M's personals!

  12. Great frags!

    Don't see the olympics much, but yes, they have gotten

    Have a great weekend.

  13. LOL When I see the Johnny dude, I think gay Edward Scissorhands for some reason... :)

    I can't say to much about son is gay. To each their own I guess, everyone has their own feelings about it. :)

  14. Thanks for the Friday Follow!! Following you back :-)

    Hope you are having a great weekend!!

  15. I don't know about those figure skaters, but my all time favorite was Elvis Stojko.

    But that Evan guy, hard to tell if he is a dude or dudette.

    Yep, I think you might as well raise the white flag on this argument.

    Have a great weekend.

  16. We regularly have traffic issues called "Sunshine Slowdown" around here. And no, the visor doesn't help as the sun is smack dab in front of your face below the visor - quite maddening and very dangerous.

    I also love the skating, and yes, it does seem to have gotten "gayer" but I love it anyway.


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