Friday, February 26, 2010

Gum Expires?

It's time again for Fragmented Fridays hosted by Mrs. Fours. This is the time where you can throw in those little fun thoughts that aren't really enough large enough for a whole post. Kinda like Twitter for your blog (without the word limit).

Mommy's Idea

--Did you know gum has an expiration date? Should I be concerned that my gum I bought last Sunday says "29 DEC 09"...?

--Is it un-American of me that I am so happy that Joannie Rochette from Canada won the bronze!?! What an amazing thing to accomplish after her mom suprisingly pass away. Ok, I can't dwell on this story too much or I'll start crying, lol

--My parents are coming this weekend to see the girls! Yay, super excited! I love having someone come take care of my children to give me some time off...oh I mean I love seeing my parents...yeah that too :-p

--We are having our first monthly date night Saturday night! We are going to see Greg Giraldo at the comedy club. I am so super excited. I love stand-up comedy, but I have never been to a comedy club. Time to change that!  Wanna watch one of his bits?  Check it out here...*disclaimer, all humor is different and mine his is more R rated than yours may be, so proceed with caution*

--What makes Girl Scout cookies so good?  For real, what do they add that just makes them a bit better than any other cookie?  Oh, another random story..walking into Sam's and they are selling Girl Scout cookies outside.  We hear this lady say "I remember when you could buy Girl Scout cookies for a dollar." in a very snotty voice.  And she says it to these cute little girls as a reason why she will not buy cookies from them!  Who cares that you remember that?  Good for you, but times change, stuff costs more, dude, get over it...

--I've decieded to add a new rule to our house...Only 1 kid can cry / scream / throw a tantrum / whine at a time.  Ok, were good now?

yeah...that's what I thought...

  *Update* This just happened and it makes me laugh, so I had to include it here, lol!
I called my boss a "dork".  My boss comes over by my desk while I'm at the benchtop.  I walk over and he's looking at the picture on my desktop...which is this:

Eric:  "That's a large dinner dish."
Me:  "That's a baptismal font, you dork."
Eric: "Did you just call me a dork?"
Me:  "Uhhhhh, yeah...."
hahahaha, it just kinda came out.  But I mean really, what kinda question is that?  Even if your not Christian or not go to church (he isn't) but does that look like you're dining room? 


  1. What an amazing performance by Joannie Rochette at the 2010 Winter Olympics! Even though she only won the bronze medal, Rochette deserves a gold medal for her courage and perseverance through the most difficult of times. Very few athletes would have taken part in a sporting event as huge as the Olympics (or any other event) shortly after the tragic death of a loved one.

  2. I cleaned out my bachelor father's fridge the other day. Threw out 3 bottles of salad dressing that expired in 05!!!!! And he was still using them!!! GAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hallie :)

  3. For $4 a box or whatever the Girl Scout Cookies cost now, they have enough money to put as much tastiness in them as they can!

    I'm your newest Friday Follower!

    Come visit me at


  4. LOL I'm with you on the one at a time whine rule! I cried like mad when I watched that skater. What a story and a beautiful tribute to her mom's memory and yeah...what a stupid thing to say to the poor little girl scouts. They can't help it if that lady is geriatric enough to remember when anything was a dollar. :D I personally think they lace those cookies with crack. Actually maybe not, they certainly don't inspire me to clean my house like crack supposedly does....but they do inspire me to seek out more cookies.

    Thanks for following Momedy. You're hilarious so I'm following your right back :)

  5. I was impressed with Joannie Rochette too! And, I don't think I would worry about that gum expiration date. I just had a similar question about a can of dog food I was going to give me dog as a treat - - but it is a "Best By" date and not an expiration I think she is safe.

    BTW - I'm stopping by from Follow Friday...hope you can stop by to visit me too.

  6. Hi There! Stopping by from Friday Follow. I am a new follower! Hope you can come visit me!

    Bridgette Groschen
    The Groschen Goblins

  7. Have a great date! It's always fun to get away from those whiny kids...but somehow I always can't wait to get back home to them! Thanks for stopping by Lemon Drop Pie. I'm following you, too!

  8. Thanks for stopping by to link up at Trendy Treehouse. I am following you now too! Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Thanks for supporting Friday Follow. Have a wonderful weekend. Rita @

  10. Cool post. I was glad she won the bronze too. Funny that he thought it was a dinner plate. I am actually selling GS cookies tomorrow morn. - wishing it wasn't at 9 am but oh well.

    Thanks for following me - following you now too.

  11. LOL! Can I barrow the one whine/ cry at a time rule? Oh and I had no idea that gum had an expiration date. huh. Learn something new everyday.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  12. Yeah, the guy in the dress should have been his first clue, haha.

    Personally, I'm not that into GS cookies, but I do love Girl Scouting, so I usually make a cash donation, instead :)

    That Canadian skater's exhibition skate tonight was beautiful, too. Of course, you wouldn't know that, cuz you're out on your DATE!! Have fun!

  13. Hope the date night was great!

    Enjoy the time with your folks and take advantage of them wanting to be with the girls!!! It will make everyone happy!

    Have a great week!


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