Friday, February 5, 2010

Wine Anniversary Dinner

This is to enter into a giveway from The Crayon Wrangler. My first giveaway entry :-)

This story happened on our second anniversary. We were kinda hard up on cash (stupid economy lay-offs) and hadn't been out to eat in who knows how long. Andrew's mom was able to come up here and watch Leah (because who can pay for a babysitter?) so we could have a date. A date! Yay! Ummm...we went to dinner and a movie (The Hangover!) At dinner in a nice resturant in a part of Nashville we didn't really belong in, a disaster happened. We were enjoying our dinners on the patio when a waiter carrying way too many drinks tripped and spilled wine all over us. Yes, you heard me right WINE! RED WINE! Do you know that wine stains? and all this stupid guy did was say...sorry... didn't even clean it up b/c we were on the patio. What?!?!? No free food? Not any free dessert? Not even a manager visit to make sure we were ok?

I'm not very good about being bitchy. I would rather encourage someone else to do it, but hubby just let it go like he usually does. So, me (about 3 months pregnant...emotions a bit raw) nicely asked our waitress
me: 'what the hell? he spilled fricking red wine all over us and it stains. what are going to do about it?'
waitress: ' is the weakest kind of red wine so you should be able to get it out...'
me: blank stare thinking 'that's it?'
waitress: 'let me go get my manager'

enter manager (a kid probably younger than me)
manager: 'i'm so sorry this has happened. are you ok?'
me: 'yeah, but hubby has red wine all over his work pants.'
manager: 'it should come out, but you can always send us the dry cleaning bill and we will reimburse you for it.'
me: 'ok thanks.' thinking...i'd like my free meal now

nope. no free meal, no free dessert, no real apology. we didn't go back and even though the food was really yummy, I'm not going back!

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