Thursday, February 25, 2010

I wanna win!

I've decided to make my own theme day!  I am going to feature giveaways on blogs that I would like to win, and I think you would like to win too.  I'm calling it "I Wanna Win Wednesday!"  I'm working on a button for it too...just figured out how to do that today!  If anyone would like there giveaway featured here I would love to!  Also, if anyone would like me to review and giveaway anything, I would love to help there as well!  Wanna host your own "I wanna Win Wednesday!"?  Just take my button and link back to me!  It'd be cool if you told me about it too.  Ok, now on to the giveaways!

Baby Loving Mama has so many wonderful giveaways!  She is giving away Let's Grow:  Lending a Helping Hand DVD.  It is the first DVD in a series put out by the Sprout's Let's Go Show.  I adore Sprout network!  They have the absolute best shows, and Leah has been watching the Good Night Show since she was a year old.  I highly recommend you go enter and tell who would benefit from this DVD.  This giveaway ends 3/9/10.

Linds from A Dollop of My Life is giving away a $10 Target Gift Card.  Wanna know what she does to de-stress at Target?  Check out her giveaway site and tell her what you would buy with the giftcard!  This giveaway ends 3/1/10.

BloggTrooting is not only is this an amazing idea for a site, but they are also giving away a $30 Amazon gift card.  I think my husband is seriously addicted to buying music on Amazon, so this would make a great gift for him!  Giveaway ends 2/27/10.

Audrey's Give Away blog (doesn't she just have the cutest name?!?) is having a give away featuring Mayfair Lane.  too cute stuff!!!! Giveaway ends 2/26/10.

Thanks for checking them out!  See you next week!

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