Monday, August 9, 2010

You ask Me!

When I started blogging in January I thought I would make everyone die laughing with my hilarious stories, and I would always stay up beat and positive on my blog.  See, I've tried online journaling / blogging off and on for oh 6 or 7 years, but I would either stop updating or get so depressed in the posts that I would end up deleting the blog.

But this blog ... well it was going to be different!  I was going to be happy all the time and focus on funny things Leah said, and pretty pictures, and happy stories ... and then, the day after I told one of my best friends about my new blog ... he passed away.  I still miss him, and I struggle with the grieving process at times, and well ... my happy only blog idea flew out the window.

And I don't think it's a bad thing at all!  I have come to accept this blog as a place for all emotions; happy, sad, mad, frustrated, excited, nervous, introspective ...

I have truly meet some wonderful people who have affected my life for the better.  I have come to love and accept that my wedding was beautiful in it's own way by writing multiple posts on it for prompts and blog hops.  I am reassured that I am not the only young mother in the world, and that other people have frustrations and annoying moments with their kids as well.  I have been able to talk about my past and reflect upon my future.  I have fallen in love with my husband again and again.

I am so blessed to have discovered and embraced a place where I can be myself, even if I don't always have everyone gripping their sides from the hilarity that I have written.

But now, I want to hear from you!  I would love to write a post answering your questions.  Big questions, little questions, silly questions, stupid questions, or no questions (you don't have to leave a question to comment) I welcome them all!

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  1. thats awesome! I dont think any of us can be expected to be upbeat and positive 100% of the time. We're all real people with real emotions and its important to get out somewhere and blogging is an awesome place to do so because of the awesome support and feedback :)

  2. Hi Christy,

    I’m already following you, but wanted to invite you to visit my blog of 100-plus inspirational messages (stories, poems, prayers).

    Take care!


  3. Hey! I'm a new follower coming by way of M&G Monday! Looking foward to reading more!

    Take some time to stop by my blog

  4. i told myself the same thing when i started my current blog. then, my son got sick and i had bouts of dpression (i stil do) and i realized that if i want to be as whole i can be, i have to acknowledge the bad things with the good. i have to write about things that affect me as a mother, as a woman.

    hmmm, maybe you can write about depression. have you had it or know anyone with it? how'd you cope?

  5. Oh...I love this post. I absolutely agree with you. Encompass all emotions, as this gives readers a look into the 'real' you. I too wanted my blog to be only happy go lucky, however, on days that I am's either I don't post or lie. I can't do either, I want to share what I feel and I figure readers will connect with me on a deeper level.

    Anyway, linking up from the Monday blog hops.

    Stop by anytime you have a moment. Thanks.

    Marie The Things We Find Inside

  6. I think you should write a post on stuff that seems totally normal at work but would be off the wall crazy in real life. You know, like those weird conversations that totally make sense to everyone in a lab....just nobody else!

  7. My blog is not what I thought it would be, either. I started it as an extension of our family blog, only for the things that my family wasn't interested in reading. General stuff on motherhood, things that happened, just for me.

    But, really interacting with other bloggers changed that.

    Thanks for linking up.

  8. I think most people's reason and idea of their blog never ends up being that. I've just decided with my blog each post is going to reflect me, how I am currently feeling, what I'm currently thinking and it will be just ME. That's all I have to offer.

  9. Hey, I found you on Shell's PYHO. I think blogs which make out that it's all sunshine and roses 24/7 are too unreal anyway :)
    I like the ones which are honest; not depressing and negative, but HONEST.
    That's what I look for, so good on you.

  10. I too have found solace in my blogging!!! I'm glad you found a place where you can express you!!! :)

  11. thank you for the follow. i love your blog and am following back.


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