Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Me as Dr. Elliot Reed

 Do you ever see yourself as a character in a television show or a movie? Share what (if anything) you have learned from watching it.

Yes ... I am very quick to relate pretty much anything to my life.  I often seek some likeness to my life from the shows I watch when I select the ones to follow more than others.

I did want to do a Gilmore Girls post here, but I think that may be a bit too personal for me to really explain.  Plus, I can see a bit of myself in every single character of that show.  Don't make fun, you know you liked it!

So, instead I'm going to talk about Scrubs.  What an absolutely wonderful show!  If you have never seen it, I highly recommended renting any (except for the last two seasons) tonight!  What is so wonderful about this show is that it will have you laughing in your seat and then pondering deep life messages within a 20-ish minute time span.

I see myself in Dr. Elliot Reed.

She is kind to all, and always has this drive to impress her parents.  She is naive in some parents of her life, and lacking of confidence in others.  There is this entire episode where she is freaking out because she has forgotten a simple technique she learned her first day of being a doctor.  The longer she shies away from trying; the lower her confidence level becomes.  Then, she is inspired by Dr. Micheal J. Fox (as a doctor character who has OCD), and she overcomes her fears and triumphs at what she originally knew she knew all along.

But she didn't get there without freaking out first.  and I see myself in that.  I may be in the freak out stage a bit longer than 15 minutes, but when I finally overcome it, there is always a confidence boost waiting at the end.

Plus, she's quirky and has a sense of humor that's a little bit 'different' and that is just like me!

Elliot moments in one minute --

Overall, Scrubs is a wonderful show and I hate NBC for what it did to end it, and if you have a spare 10 minutes, watch this portion of a show.  It's one of my favorites for the life lesson at the end.



  1. How funny, we have almost every season on DVD! I hate the most recent season too. Boo.

    We always put in a scrubs DVD at night and watch til we fall asleep!

  2. I loved scrubs. I hate what NBC did to it, just wrong

  3. I've caught an episode here and there, but never really watched it continually. I think I should check it out :)

    How I miss scrubs. I agree that NBC totally messed up that one.
    Although my favorite episode was the musical. It cracked me up, and I watched it over and over and over!
    If I had to pick a TV character that I relate to the most, I'd probably pick Pam from the office. Not because she's cool, but because she's so nerdy cool. That's what makes her awesome.
    Gilmore girls? I haven't ever seen an episode. Honest. Maybe I need to check it out!


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