Monday, August 16, 2010

Introducing ...

Ready .... start the drum roll ....

I have an announcement to make!

I would like to introduce the next big writing prompt in the entire blog land.  It is super awesome, and it is going to take over like wild fire!

that's right Mama Kat ... I'm coming after you ...

what is it, you ask?

Self-Reflection Tuesdays

woot ... woot !

Self Reflection Tuesdays is the brainchild of me and Lisa from The Sarcastic Lab Rat.  It is our way to combat writers block ... or bloggers block ... or whatever you call that feeling that comes over you when you sit down to type and the only thing left in your brain is feathers...and air.

So, what makes Self Reflection Tuesdays the most awesomest new writing prompt ever?  Well ... just let me tell you!

  • All of our prompts are original ideas from us.  One week they could be super deep, and the next week it could be super silly.  I like how Lisa says it -- "The best part is that we are each picking topics, so you might get something deep and thoughtful one week, and something totally bizarre the next!"
  • The 'Self Reflection' title comes from the fact that this is a meme to focus on YOU!  We all love reading about our kids, our dogs, our cats, our bunnies, our spouses, etc ... but here is a place for you to reflect on YOU and your thoughts.  and who knows, maybe you will learn something new about yourself :-)
  • Lisa and I promise to read and comment on every - single - link-up.  Then the week after we will feature our favorites from the week before.  Who knows ... maybe it could be you!
  • Plus ... we are awesome.  Enough said!
So have I convinced you yet?  I hope so!

First Week Theme:  Introduce yourself!  Show us a self-portrait and list 5 things you like about yourself.  And we are looking for things you really like ... not just 'I like that I'm a mommy'.  So excited to read what everyone loves about themselves!

So, grab a button ... write a post ... and come on over tomorrow and link-up!

**and to all my friends who love to play with Supah's post-its ... you can totally write two posts in a day ... I'm giving you permission :-) **



  1. OHh this sounds like fun... lots of fun.. I am so in

  2. Oh, this is ambitious and i wish I'd seen it before I scheduled tomorrow's post. I love writing prompts. Another week another chance to join in though!

  3. Grabbed the button! I definitely plan to come back and play! :)

  4. Hi there just grabbed your button and plan on playing. I am putting a post together and will add more to it as needed :)

  5. Sounds fun! Maybe next week - it's a great idea!


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