Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am Super

We've been given superpowers,
ask us for an autograph.
We sing, we dance we'll make you laugh,
don't you want to be like us?
We've been given superpowers,
ask about our rock and roll,
our hair, our clothes, hobbies, and pets.
Does he have a girlfriend yet?

What ... no one else knows Five Iron Frenzy?  Oh ... five iron frenzy 'superpowers'

Today's Theme -- If you were given one superpower for only 24 hours, what would your power be and how would you use it?  Give us examples of your new found skills ...  it doesn't matter if you are saving the world or the kitty cat in the tree. 

ummm ... this is hard.  dude, why did I pick this one? (lol)  (well, Lisa came up with this idea...)

If I could have a superpower for only 24 hours ... hmmm ... well, it's had to save the world in 24 hours.  I have seriously thought about this all day long ... (that's why I'm writing it at 9:15pm).  I'm also trying not to copy any of the other fabulous entries.

So, I asked Andrew ... his first answer ... well, it's a bit ummm guy, his second answer would be the ability to fly.  I came back with 'well, wouldn't you want to help people?'  He said 'well, yeah, but that's not what I think of when you say superpowers.'

I guess superpowers can be relavant; it's up to us as to what we consider a superpower.  Like the Five Iron Frenzy song above ... their 'superpower' is the ability to sing and perform in front of a crowd.  To our children, we have the superpower to provide a comfortable and loving life to them.  I do believe that we all have our own superpowers ...

but, back to the prompt ...

I would have the talent to move time super fast.  I would travel around the world like Santa Claus and surprise people who are deserving.  I would be able to speed up the time it takes to develop a treatment for cancer.  I would speed applications for families waiting to adopt babies, and for the time the babies have to wait to meet their new family.

and then maybe I would stop time for a bit ... and take a nap ...

and don't ever forget that just because you aren't Wolverine or that super fast guy from Hero's, you are a superhero to someone

can't wait to see everyone's answers for next weeks theme ...  Do you ever see yourself as a character in a television show or a movie? Share what (if anything) you have learned from watching it.



  1. Your superpower sounds exhausting!!

  2. Wow! Your power is making me sleepy just thinking about it!

  3. thats amazing :) see i would say something useless like being able to move things with my mind so i can do my housework from the couch lol


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