Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pretty Toes

I'm feeling a bit random today ... may have been from the 2 hours long grueling lab meeting, not for me, but for a post-doc here ... oh my goodness ... he got his ass butt handed to him this morning


This whole not having internet on the computer at home is throwing off my blogging schedule.  Although we now have internet on Andrew's G1, so I can still read emails and blogs (yay!) but I'm not to good at commenting on blogs because it takes a while to load ...

I went and got a pedicure yesterday!  I love pedicures, but I am always so awkward when I walk into those salons.  This past weekend Leah came up to me and said "Mommy, you're pretty toes are not pretty anymore."  So I guess it was a good time to use my gift certificate from Mother's Day and get my toes done!

Now, my toes are pretty again!  and they are as pretty as a Japanese Rose Garden :-)

look at my little stubby feet (hehe)

I love that Andrew makes me laugh so easily ... Last night he just randomly comes up with this ...
Andrew: I wish we lived hundreds of years ago, in the 1800's
Me: Why?  because life was simpler?
Andrew: No, because it was easier to rob a bank.  I think we would make a good Bonnie and Clyde.  We have the smarts between us!

Leah and Audrey make me laugh so much when they play and talk together.  It's too funny!  They pretty much just scream at each other, but in a conversational style!

Is anyone else becoming really annoyed with political ads?  Seriously ... soon I'm going to start dreaming in political ads ...

Trying to plan Leah's 3rd birthday party ... her birthday is August 19th ... August just kinda snuck up on me!

Still haven't heard anything about the job ... 

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  1. I am so laughing at Andrew!!! I love it! Aren't pedicures the best? Happy Tuesday!

  2. Your toes look just like mine! Except my polish is a mess. LOL
    Political ads make me crazy(er).


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