Friday, July 30, 2010

See You Monday

My home internet is gone which means I won't be updating this weekend, I won't be able to enjoy a cup of coffee and blog hop on Saturday morning ... guess I'll just have to work on my novel instead

just kidding ... I'm not writing a novel ... maybe ... ummm ... have a good weekend!  See y'all on Monday!



  1. Monday is the August holiday here in Ontario. It's the mid-summer break and lots of BBQ!'s are happening. See you back on Tuesday. Rosemary

  2. I hope you enjoy your weekend. When you get back, stop by my blog to see the award I nominated you's for blogs I've just recently discovered. :)

  3. great pic! and good luck on the novel ;)

  4. Love the Pic. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Love ya

  5. I hope it was a happy weekend. Maybe a novel is the perfect place for over-flowing thoughts? :)


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