Saturday, July 3, 2010

Guest Post for Me?

I'm late, but I'm here!  Did you know there are like a million games to play with / write about on Fridays?  Like seriously!  Usually I try to see how many I can cram into one post and still have people read ... but today ... I am only doing Friday Fragments ... because they are becoming my favorite!!!!! and I may be a bit afraid of the Hall of Shame
So, it's not technically Friday anymore ... well, it's Friday on the west coast.  That counts, right?  What had happened was ... we are watching a friend's little girl all day Saturday, so Friday night was our cleaning night.  While Andrew was folding his part of the massive clothes pile, I figured I'd write the blog post I've been meaning to do all day long.  Then Leah came out of her room wanting to play, so I had to go calm her down.  and then I fell asleep in her room.  When Andrew woke me up it was cleaning time ... and now I'm writing Friday fragments on Saturday ... it's all good, haha

Did you know there is a technique to spraying Febreeze?  and apparently I don't do it right?

I need guest bloggers!!!!!!!  Next week is our anniversary and my sister-in-law's wedding.  So while we are gone, I wanna have a week of weddings ... and I need guest bloggers!  It doesn't have to be about your particular wedding, just anything in that theme.  Maybe you know the best way to avoid the drunk groomsmen, or how to give a good speech, or a funny story from a wedding you have attended.  Please come write for me.  I'll love you forever!
The TV is making me doubt my maturity level.  This Cheez-it commercial came on.  The big ball of cheese said a joke ... and I literally laughed out loud at it ... and then the stupid 'checker' dude marked the funny cheese as immature.  What does that mean of me?  hmmmmm...

What?  You laughed too?  Guess you're just as immature as me!  Hey, being immature is not a bad thing ... I'll be the cool mom ... until my kids reach the age of 8 and think I'm dumb ... and immature ... sigh
I'm worried about my girls --
I think Leah may have some nudist tendencies.  I can not get that girl to put her panties back on after she goes to the potty!  She would rather just run around with her naked booty, haha!  I hope she figures it out because that might become quite awkward in school.
I think Audrey may be part cannibal.  For reals!  She tried to eat my face the other day...just grabbed at my skin with her death nails and tried to eat me.  And then she was crawling around when she came upon my knee.  So she dropped her passy to taste my leg.  I'm thinking we are going to have to give her some more veggies!
I have a new favorite self photo --
Night!  I have to be up at 6:30 to watch cartoons with a 4 year old I have never met ... woohoo ...

I'm linking up w/ Mrs.4444's Saturday Sharing ... because I'm late on the fragments



  1. I'll guest post! Oh, wait, you wanted someone with an actual followers base to do it? My wedding stories are good!

  2. Better late than never, right?!

    I really like your photo, too; you look so sweet :)

    I think all kids go through the nudist stage. I love it :)

    Have fun at the wedding!! Don't worry if you don't get any takers; I think people appreciate the day off sometimes :)

  3. ooh, wedding week! how exciting :)

  4. Lovely picture, Christy! Josiah went through the "nude dude" stage and the toe biting stage and grew out of both before 5. I think you're safe! :)

    I told you last week that I would do a post for you if you'd like. Not sure if you missed it or you'd rather have someone else. Let me know.

  5. If you need me to post for you that would be great. Just let me know what day..

    Have an amazing weekend..

  6. If you still need guest posters, I'd be happy to do one!


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