Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Talking and Waiting

sigh ...

I will tell you the interview went well ... when I'm not over-analyzing, over thinking, going over each detail in my head, critiquing what I said and what I didn't say ... for the few minutes I have peace, I will tell you the interviewed went well and I totally rocked their socks off

but I'm not good at waiting ... I'll tell you more tomorrow :-)

Now onto some funny!

Conversational Sunday

or conversational Tuesday ... bite me, I had a long weekend!

On the way home from Birmingham Leah was whining --

Leah: (yelling) Christy, Christy, Christy
Me: What's my name?  It's not Christy ... it's Mommy
Leah: I no like Mommy
Me: Awwww, I love you Leah
Leah pouts
Andrew: Well, how would you like it if Mommy stopped the car and left you on the side of the road?
Leah: I like Mommy now

This conversation was supposed to be a secret, but it is way too funny to tell ...
My younger sister (and by younger I mean 22) got a Bijion puppy a couple of months ago, and her and my mom were out walking the pup on Sunday.  The neighbor noticed the puppy and brought out her dog of the same breed.  They checked each other out and then kinda kissed ... like licked each other in the face.
Sister: Mom, is it ok for them to kiss before Sandy is fixed?

This is my favorite, and I think we re-told it a million times this weekend.  Leah is taught (and is pretty good at it) to say "Excuse me" after she burps or toots.

So, we are driving into town and we hear
Leah: Excuse me
Andrew: Leah, did you toot or did you burp?
Leah: I burped ...
(ten second pause)
Leah: with my butt

I love that girl!

Welcome new friends!



  1. Where are you trying to get a job at?? Good Luck! I hope you got it!!!

  2. heheh, kids say such cute things! Good luck with the job. It's hard not to over analyze!

  3. okay, first off, stop thinking about the interview. you did your part, it's in God's hands now. let's pray for it :)

    leah has a really good sense of humor :)

  4. Those were too cute not to post.

  5. I am your newest follower from Follow me Back Tuesday. I hope you can stop in and see me at www.hootiebee.blogspot.com

  6. OH I wish you the best on the job. I loved your stories.. Children are the best..

  7. Those post-it notes remind me of myself almost every day! haha Good luck! Just remember, either way the sun will rise tomorrow :) God bless.

  8. You mean you don't also decide that you totally screwed up and nobody would ever want to hire you? If so, you're doing great! LOL
    I love the conversations, especially the butt burp!


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