Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week of Weddings -- Cheri

Hi friends! I am heading down to the beautiful plains of Auburn Alabama to attend my Sister-in-law's wedding (and celebrate my anniversary). While I'm gone, I'd like to introduce you to some of my best bloggy friends as they share their stories and tips about weddings!

I am very excited to introduce you to Cheri!  She is a wonderful friend who lives on the other side of the world ... in the Philippines.  I admit, I had to google it to find out exactly where that is.  Geography is not my thing ... neither is spelling ... but back to Cheri!  She has a sweet little boy the same age as Leah, and we often discuss the fun and struggles of parenting toddlers!

So, without further ado ... I introduce Cheri with a worldly wedding tale --

Greetings from the philippines! When Christy gave a shout-out, I wanted to help out, but couldn't remember a wedding-themed story...until early today.

We are a predominantly catholic in faith, almost 80%. So it is no surprise that we are conservatives, generally speaking. The story i'm about to tell you happened years ago, when i was still singing in the church choir. Our choir was one of the couple of youth choirs at the time, and we were constantly requested to sing at weddings.

Like most women, I like looking at the bride: her dress, hairstyle. This particular wedding was very interesting. the bride is what we call a japayuki - a filipina working in japan. Working in a very fashion-forward country, she has been exposed to well, fashion. Her wedding dress was made to showcase her assets, which was made in japan. the assets, not the dress. It looked something like the dress on this photo. Okay, so it BARELY covered her assets.

When the priest saw what she was wearing, he refused to marry them unless she cover herself up. Her bridesmaids can offer little help, since they are dressed the same way.

One of the old ladies who works at the church took pity on her and devised a plan. Since the priest only required her to cover up during the ceremony, the church workers suggested that a shawl could be fashioned from whatever material they had in handy. you know that material they drape over the pews to decorate the aisle?

yep, this is one they used to cover up the poor bride. 

they cut up a portion of the tulle and draped it over her shoulders. never mind if it was several shades darker than her dress, since it's been awhile since it was last washed. her bridesmaids tried to hide their horror in support of their friend who was in near tears. She knew she had no choice, though, lest she call off her own wedding.

Thanks so much Cheri for sharing your tale with us.  It's always awesome to hear about different experiences.  Thank you so much readers for coming by during of Week of Weddings!!!!!


  1. I understand being conservative (I'm Catholic as well), but it seems a bit much to refuse to marry someone because of their dress!

  2. How horrible for this poor bride. The humiliation of this experience will always be part of her wedding memories and something that could have easily been overlooked - but what can you do. You're right - you need to know how conservative the priest or pastor who will be performing your ceremony is. I cringe to think what she felt like wrapping a dirty shawl of tulle around her designer bridal gown. Yike!

  3. Yikes, that's a tough one! I, too, am Catholic and I had a lot of rules I had to adhere to when I got married, but if someone had tried to cover up my dress with some dirty tulle, there would have been a BIG problem.

  4. Yowza! I would have gotten a new priest last minute before I wore dirty tulle on my wedding day!


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