Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Talkin' to ...

Brittany at Not Your Average Teen has a new meme which is perfect for me because I was going to write on this anyways!  Having her meme is just the perfect way to make me do it :-)

Not Your Average Teen

It's easy ... just share some of the conversations you have had lately!

Leah: "Mommy, aren't you happy to go see your Daddy?"
Me: "We are not going to see my daddy..."
Leah: "Uh huh, he's at work"
Me: "Leah, who is my daddy?"
Leah (super serious): "Andrew"

Leah talks with a slight lisp ... something I think I would describe as a 'little kid' lisp, so when she told me "I don't want dinner.  I want snacks."...I heard "I want sex"
Leah will come running around the corner, give me a hug, and say "I love you too, Mommy"

This conversation happened last Thursday night with Andrew ...
so, Andrew pulled / strained something ... I suggested he should put something warm on it

Me: "You could put hot water on a towel and rest it on your quad"
Andrew: "but then I would have to pee..."
Me: "What?"
Andrew: "You know ... you have to pee when hot water touches you ... like when you get in the shower, or the pool."
Me: "You pee in the pool???!!!???"
Andrew: "Yeah! Doesn't everybody?  Kids pee in the pool so I figure if I'm sitting in pee, might as well pee too."
I died laughing ... and since I was sitting at the computer ... I tweeted that he pees in the pool

which caused this conversation
Andrew: "Did you just tweet that I pee-ed in the pool?"
Me: "Yup"
Andrew: "You can't tweet that!"
Me: "Why not?  It's funny ... and you said everybody pees in the pool."
Andrew: "but people will see that!  So, like if you died then I wouldn't be able to find a date because you tweeted that I pee in the pool.  Your kids won't have a mom because you tweeted that"

and I laughed again ... and grilled him on why he is trying to find a date the day after I died, lol!

my tweets --

  1. quote from Andrew: "I figure if I'm swimming in pee might as well pee too"
  2. "Your kids may not be able to have a new mother because you tweeted about me peeing in the pool" really Andrew? is this normal guy logic?
  3. and then he just told me 'you can't tweet that b/c if you die tomorrow I may not be able to find a girl b/c you wrote that'
  4. my husband just told me he pees in the pool ... and he says it is normal! who else pees in the pool?



  1. That is cute! Laughed out loud at your conversation with Andrew. He's just planning for the girl's future there Christy!

  2. hahahaha i remember those tweets that is sooo funny!! I tweet/blog all of zachs "duh" moments hehe

  3. LOL! I missed those tweets. Hilarious! :D

  4. This is funny!!! What a cute meme.

    Thanks for stopping by my place today.

  5. Oh I loved this post. It made me smile and laugh. Children are way too funny but most of all your husband. I do not pee in the pool that is just gross and my little one does not. She just got potty trained and if we are swimming she ask to get out and goes. Really Andrew.. That is too funny...

  6. LOL! Your husband and mine would totally get along!

  7. i read those tweets and was laughing aloud that jackjack looked at me funny :)

  8. I don't pee in the pool (honest!) but the ocean...that's another story.
    Did I just type that out loud?


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