Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Fiction -- The Party

Today is Friday Fiction over at The Red Dress Club.  Today's prompt is to write a story about running into an ex at a grocery store from the guy's perspective.  So, this story contains a few words, and I would rate it at PG-13.

Ok ... onto the story!

The Party

The morning light wakes me up with its bright beams shining upon my face.  Well, really it is more likely afternoon light, and that last statment is so not my style.  Sometimes my brain suprises even my own thoughts.  Really, I think it all leads back to that bitch I broke up with last week.  See, she is a poetry major, and I guess I just learn well through osmosis.
I stumble my way to the bathroom as my thoughts creep back to her curvasive body.  Damn, if only she didn't have to be so annoying.  After a quick shower, and more memories, I head out to see if my roommate is up yet.
"Jeff!" I yell beating on his locked bedroom door.  "Get the hell out of bed, man.  We need to head to the store and get some food and booze for the ladies tonight."
I continue to beat down his door until I can hear a stream of cuss words flowing my way through the thin aluminum trailer door.  Satisfied with my alarm clock skills I make my way to the kitchen for some breakfast, well, er, lunch.  Whatever, its all food.
Jeff and I head out to his SUV.
"Damn dude, you're car is some messy shit.  Thank goodness you don't ever take girls out on dates or else you'd never get laid."
I smirk as he responds with an exaggerated eye roll. 
"Dude," he replies, "Just be glad that I drive your ass around town or else you'd be walking.  And I'm sure the ladies prefer a messy car over walking."
He cranks up the music, and we are on our way to the store.  See, we don't have to worry about all that formal shit like dates and all because we are known for our parties, often filled with drunk dancing girls.  Since the bitch is now gone from my life, I'm already planning to invite some of those girls into my room for a private party.  Yeah, it feels good to be rid of her.
We clammer out of the SUV and grab a cart each, one for beer and one for food.  It's a good thing Jeff's parents are loaded because we plan on throwing another spectacular party tonight.
Soon, our conversation turns away from the food we need tonight to the ass we hope to get.  Rolling down the frozen food aisle, I happen to glance at some pretty fine ass stuck high up in the air.  The owner must be searching for that very last frozen something, but I don't care as I enjoy the view from afar.
"Hey man, check out that ass." Jeff interupts my thoughts with his words, " I think she needs to know about our party tonight.  You're newly back on the market, you should let her know."
Well, I can't turn down a suggestion like that, so I start off in her direction.  As I'm walking, I'm trying to push thoughts of seeing her naked out of my mind and focus on the line I need to use.
'You must be tired because you've been running circles in my mind,' no why would she be running; 'Are you an angel?' no, too vague; 'Are you an astronaut because your ass is out of this world', yeah, that is my line.
"Hey babe, are you an ..." I stop abruptly because she turns around.  One singular thought is running around my mind 'oh hell no'. 
The bitch looks me up and down.  "Am I an astronaut? Oh Scott, will you ever grow up?"
"Oh baby, I knew it was you," I stammer as the blood heats up my checks.  "I just, uh, well, I wanted you to know about our, um, party tonight..."
She smiled and ran her hand down my cheek.  "Are you blushing?"  She leans in and whispers into my ear, "Do you miss me and my ass?"
I don't dare say anything or even move.  Shit, I did not realize the power she still holds over me.
Jeff finally makes his way over to our spot to save me from this awkard situation.
"Angie, what are you doing to our boy here?  Why don't you step back a bit."
"Anything for you Jeff," she snarks back.  "Scotty here just wanted to tell me about the party y'all are throwing tonight."  She turns my way, "Sounds like a good time.  I'll see you tonight."  And she saunters away swinging her nice ass.
"Dude," Jeff turns to me with a horrific look on his face, "you fuckin' invited her to our party?"
"I didn't really mean to, it just kinda came out."
"Man," he sighed, "you need a beer or two."
Thankfully we finished our shopping with no more bitch encouters and speed off to get the trailer ready for tonight.
With the music thumping loud and friends arriving at our door, I feel the power Angie displayed at the store slowly leaving my rigid muscles.  The alcohol seeps in with a new power, and soon I'm rocking our party, inviting girls in and passing out drinks.  I even convince myself that Angie has forgotten about tonight's party.
Soon I find myself perched on the corner of our porch talking with a really pretty girl.  Oh what's her name ... Sarah, Sue, Stacey ... oh hell, whatever, she has great boobs!
Just as I'm warming Great Boobs up to the idea of letting me show her my bedroom, I see a familiar figure walking up the stairs of our porch.  It's like a magnet pulls her in my direction.
"Hey Scott.  Oh Samantha, could I have a moment here with our boy."
Oh, Samantha, that's her name.  Oh no, I hope she doesn't leave now.
"Oh Angie, sure," Samantha stammers as she scurries out of the way.
Damn, why does Angie have to be so much of a queen bee?
"Scott, could we speak in your room?"
I sigh as I turn to walk off to my room.  Like I have any choice in the matter.  The alcohol that once replaced the power has now expanded its hold on me.  Instead of thinking about Stacey, I am now entertaining thoughts on how I can now 'hit it and quit it' with Angie tonight, because seriously, her ass still looks good.
Once in my room she sits in my desk chair while I sprawl onto my bed.  Her prowess turns into puppy dog eyes as she looks at me.
"Scott," she starts slowly, "I miss you.  I need you in my life.  I know I can change, and I will be good to you.  Please let me back into your life."
I sit up onto the edge of my bed.  As a stare deeply into her eyes I think, 'Maybe she is sincere.  Maybe she didn't mean those hurtful words the other night.  Maybe she does still love me.'
"Well Ang," I reply with my smirky smile, "I think I can take you back this time."
The smile on her face lights up my room.  As she giddily saunters in my direction I think maybe this will really work out this time.  Anyways, I still have that diamond ring hidden in my dresser.  
I hope you enjoyed my fictional story.  Please visit the Red Dress Club for more stories!


  1. I am so jealous of you ladies who have a grasp of the naughty language! I need a tutorial. Don't get me wrong---I can cuss like a sailor...but somehow I'm not sure I can really do it in dialogue where it sounds natural. Plus, there are only 2 cuss words I like to use. Shit and damnit.

    THe part about the ring has me intrigued!

  2. Well done. I enjoyed your story and I think you shouldn't apologize for any cursing. It's part of ambiance.

  3. this was great.... you so captured "that type" of guy.

  4. lol at hit it and quit it! very dude like! loved it!

  5. I agree with Erin, this is a style of writing I would find hard to emulate, but totally appropriate for this type of guy you are portraying. But you surprised me totally with the last line, no clues that was hidden in there. Great story.

  6. I couldn't help but giggle by how *the guys* talked. Dude...

  7. This guy sounds like an ass. Seriously! Why would he want to get engaged? You totally nailed "ass" guy! ;)

  8. I'm another one who has no idea how to write with that kind of vulgarity :) (and I mean that in a truly nice way! ha!!)
    But I found myself hating that guy, so you wrote the jerk well!

  9. I loved this! It was so real and the language was perfect, not gratuitous. Really well done. You captured that kind of guy perfectly.

  10. You did a great job illustrating the jerky immaturity of this guy.


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