Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Caption fun

I'm trying something new today ... because I can!

Mama Cass has this fun little thing every Wednesday called "Caption This!"
Caption This Button

The rules are so simple that there is no way everyone can not play in this game!

1. I post a picture
2. You write your 'caption' for the picture in the comments section
3. I pick a winner(s) and you get to smile because you are cool!

Here's my picture ... Leah slip n slidin' redneck style (only undies)

My example --
"Watch out Mommy ... here I come!"


  1. "water in the face!! water in the face!!"

    haha so cute! :)

  2. Nothing like enjoying a cool day with a slip and slide...

    Have a great night..

  3. Really water up the nose..

  4. I should have said,

    Really water up the Nose?


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