Friday, July 23, 2010

Random Thoughts

Mommy's Idea

I was walking through the halls on my way to work, and I heard a woman telling her friend to get her some coffee.  She said she would like a cup of coffee with 6 creamers and 2 packets of equal.  That is alot of creamer and sugar ... and it got me thinking ... when do you stop saying you like coffee, but really you like drinking creamer and sugar?  and is it even considered coffee if you add the same amount of creamer and sugar to it?
Many of my friends have been participating in the SITS better blog thing.  I would have loved to play along, but you have to buy a book for $15, and we don't have a spare $15.  One day they talked about the design of their blog and asked for feedback.  I would love to hear your feedback on my design!
Y'all my anxiousness is starting to get bad ... like I can't sit still bad.  I've been typing this entry for like 2 hours because I can't stay on this site ... I keep clicking off and checking my email, or facebook, or twitter, or other blogs, but I can't read the other blogs so now I have like 20 blogs open to finish reading and comment on ... oh yeah, and I'm working two ... probably like another hour until my PCR is over though
The other day Audrey was whining to get out of her pack-n-play, and I turned around to see her doing this --

I want to make this!
I found these adorable chalkboard windows over at Feed the Soil.  She also has a wedding website on how to make a DIY wedding in under $2,000!

I don't think I told y'all about Leah's first studio haircut!  She wasn't quite sure about it, and was a bit alarmed/annoyed that her hair was falling down her shirt and 'tickling her neck.'  It was really cute, and she got a sucker afterwards!

what?  of course I have a picture!

I made this collage of all the pictures I took on my Auburn trip, and another one of angels with a verse ... I really need to print some of my pictures out to hang around the house (add another item to the list)

Wow, I've typed a bunch of random ... guess that's what happens when you keep clicking off and coming back to type

I'm sorry y'all, I'm just like everywhere

Oh, Andrew called me a bit ago.  First, you need to know that Andrew always drinks/eats everything sugar-free.  Sugar just doesn't sit well with him.  He called and told me he was super thirsty at the grocery store with the girls today, so he grabbed a coke...after 3/4 the way through, he noticed that it was real Cherry Coke, not DIET cherry coke.  He seriously sounded like a kid at a birthday party who had just eaten half the cake.  We'll see how the rest of his day goes, lol!  He is totally going to crash soon!

I do have a couple of prayer request ... one of the secretaries at church just found out she has breast cancer.  Please pray for the doctor's strength in helping her deal with this disease.  oh, and my interview at 10am on Monday.

Have a good weekend all!!!!!

p.s. -- why do my .png thought dividers still show up white?  they are made on transparent ... grrrr


  1. That is a lot of creamer....but I can't say much, I put way too much sugar and creamer in my coffee too (give me a break, I *just* started drinking it recently!)

    I understand the antsy feeling entirely-don't worry, you'll do fine! :)

  2. Girlie, I LOVE me some coffee with my creamer and sugar! HA! Yes, I think it's still technically considered coffee after I get done with it. At McDonald's I ask for SIX sugars! :D

    I love the pic of Leah getting her hair cut. She looks like she's a tough customer! ;)

    Prayers headed to the secretary at your church and to you for your interview! You'll do great and they'd be lucky to have you! Let us know how it goes. Exciting! :)

  3. Prayers abound, Christy! We'll look forward to hearing the answers!

  4. I love to photograph cement angels too! You have a beautiful family and beautiful blog. I hope to be back. happy FF a little late!


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