Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Self Reflections Tuesday -- Characters

Welcome to the weekly Self Reflections Tuesday

Christy from Just Thinkin' and Lisa from The Sarcastic Lab Rat came up with a new idea to help boost brain power and decrease blogger's block.  The 'Self Reflection' title comes from the fact that this is a meme to focus on YOU!  We all love reading about our kids, our dogs, our cats, our bunnies, our spouses, etc ... but here is a place for you to reflect on YOU and your thoughts.  Every week we will all meet together here and expand our brain and our friendships though a writing prompt.

Last week we were talking about Superpowers.

Christy: Is it bad to say that my favorite from last weeks was Lisa?  Oh well, I'm saying it anyway!  I love how she took the idea of seeing into the future and made it into this wonderful opportunity for herself and others.

Lisa:  My favorite from last week was Kate.  It would be awesome to have the power to heal.  <--ok, I totally put those words in Lisa's mouth, (um computer), but all she told me was that her favorite was Kate!  Tell me more!  (hehe)

This week the theme is:  Do you ever see yourself as a character in a television show or a movie? Share what (if anything) you have learned from watching it.

So, I have to confess something here ... call it rookie inexperience or over enthusiasm or something like that, but I think these past two weeks topics have probably been a bit hard.  I say this because when I think about it I'm like 'man, I would totally skip this week', and if I want to skip my own writing prompt ... well then they just might be a bit too hard.  What do you think?

Anyways the topic for next week is a bit easier and more fun (I think so anyway)

Next week:  You have unlimited money, unlimited time, and unlimited space to build your dream house. What is the one room you would put in it just for you?

So, go ahead -- link up and tell us what you have learned about yourself from watching movies or t.v.!

Oh yeah ... and grab a button too!

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-Only link up the url of your actual post not of your entire blog
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-Try your best to visit the other people around you
-Always have fun!  Feel free to email me with any questions: c.killion@yahoo.com


  1. Hey!
    You need to answer your own question girlie! :)

  2. Very cute idea, girls!

    I used to see myself as Joey Potter in Dawson's Creek.

  3. this seems like a fun Meme I will have to join in soon.. I hope to next week..


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