Thursday, January 21, 2010

Turn it Down!

On the way home last night, we stopped at Publix to pick up some groceries (thanks Mom and Dad!). It was almost time for Audrey to eat, but we figured we had time to run in and just grab a few basic items. Everything was wonderful, until we got back into the car and poor Audrey woke up. And she was ready to eat, at that moment, don't even think of trying to put that passy in my mouth. So, she just had to cry it out for the five-ish minute ride from the grocery store to home. We told Leah to sing baby Audrey a song to make her happy. Of course, Leah said "no, Leah can't!" As we are driving, I look back to see Leah singing with her fingers plugged into her ears. She sees me peeking back, and says "Turn it down Mommy. Turn Baby Audrey down!"


  1. Thanks for being a follower of my blog! I always find it surprising when I see someone has subscribed to my little blog. It seems our lives are a lot alike. My husband and I are young. I'm 23 he's 25. I got married when I had just turned 20. I have a 2 year old that was born in August and a 3 month old born in October. When were your girls born? I also tried leaving a comment on your other blog. It didn't seem to work. I have The Love Dare book. I was doing it last May for a few days when my husband saw me writing on something and insisted on grabbing it from under the bed and reading it. After stabbing it a few times with a pen, I haven't picked it up since. Just doing what I had done so far was so hard for me and he just sucked the life out it for me. I may pick it back up again now. -Jami

  2. Hey Jami! I think I'm better at reading blogs than writing them sometimes. We are alot alike! My oldest girl was born in August 2007 and my baby in November 2009. Its good to know we aren't the only young parents...feels like so sometimes. Yeah, I'm horrible about following through with things, and it seems like life is so busy I can't concentrate on that book. Plus, we have days when we say maybe 20 words because we work different shifts...not saying anything mean, I'm good on it at those days, lol! Hopefully the blog will make me want to keep doing it (maybe I have the settings wrong for some reason with the comment thing). I'm glad I found your blog and you mine!


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