Monday, January 11, 2010

Free Stuff

I love all these free printables I have found online! Andrew bought some cardstock paper at Office Max so I can print all these out and they look not made at home. Here are a few links to my favorites. These are all from Erin Vale at Vale Designs.

Mom's got a Latte to Do
HoneyDew List
Missyou Loveyou
Blog Topics List

She has a ton of other free papers, recipies and DIY tutorials on her blog. Hope you enjoy them! And I guess in case you don't know (or can't figure out), use these for personal use only.

Leah and I made her a drum out of an old peanut container. It was super easy. I covered it with construction paper put on with double-stick tape and then placed the cap over the bottom of the can so it was open at the bottom now. I let her decorate it, which is always fun (I'll put a pic up here when I get home). We used colored craft sticks with double stick tape, stickers and crayons. She loves her drum and loves to dance to it when other people play it. Also, how many two year olds play a drum one hand at a time, in a rhythm? mine does! of course we did teach her to do it, but its still impressive right!

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  1. Thanks for the free printables. I will be back to check them out. Thanks for taking the time to link up.


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