Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kiddo Update

August 19, 2009; Leah turned two. I had been mentally preparing myself for this day. The terrible twos are starting. August 20th came, and she was just as wonderful as ever. I just knew I had been blessed with the best two-year old ever, who would obey me forever and just be perfect. Well, today at January 31st I can now say that thought is sadly untrue. The "terrible twos" are here. And they are so annoying! She wants to 'watch toons NOW!!!!!!!' and 'play 'puter NOW!!!!' and never ever sleep whether it is a nap or bedtime. I think I'm losing hearing in my ears from her screaming. So, we are just ignoring it. She will not get what she wants from me by whining and crying about it. But I talked to my mom today, and she made it seem like Leah is the only kid in the world to experience this phase. I almost feel like its somehow something I'm doing that is making my child act in this fashion. I'm just trying to teach her discipline, and make sure she isn't a spoiled brat. So, until someone shows me the magic formula for curing the whining annoying I want everything NOW tantrums...I think my parenting skills are just fine! One of the really annoying things about being young and having children is that people don't always trust that you have the 'skills' to raise a child.

Audrey is my baby from heaven though! She hardly ever cries. I love how she now recognizes my face and smiles every time I come near. Although...she has figured out the convenience of her thumb. I totally dislike this!!!!! I am all for passies! You can break a child from sucking on a passy, but it is so much harder to break them from sucking on their thumb. So now whenever I notice Audrey sucking on her thumb I quickly replace it with her passy. I hope it catches on, because in a year I can cut the tips off of her passies, but you can't really cut your child's thumb off.

Well, the hubby is calling me to come watch the Grammy's so off I go. I absolutely LOVE your comments, and would love any help with the 'terrible two's' that apparently only my child has.

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  1. That's so funny. My 2 years olds birthday is on the 12th of August! And about spoiled kids, my son may scream and cry because he want's something, and although it may look like he spoiled because he does that, I can guarantee you he never gets his way. He can sit in the corner all he wants and scream, but as long as you don't give in to their whines it's all good. Back in November some relatives were down, and my son wanted milk with a straw. So I got it for him. Then he decided that he wanted a different color straw. I said no, he said he didn't want his milk and so I put it on the counter. He cried and whined then minutes later calmed down and said that he was sorry and wanted his milk now. My Aunt asked me if I finally gave him what he wanted because he had calmed down I just laughed and told her no, he never gets his way like that. Oh and btw, I think my husband and I enjoy my sons chalkboard table even more than he does! -Jami


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