Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Do you remeber these little gems? I seriously want to bring the scrunchie back into style! I know I joking put it up on my facebook this morning, but for real. I wear my hair in some way pulled up everyday. I don't have to look fancy or even put together for work (I work in a lab), so getting my hair usually consists of pulling damp hair up into a ponytail. Of course, this also comes from the fact that I am always running late, and somehow turn my alarm clock off like every morning. How much cuter would it be if I could wrap a scrunchie around it too! And think of all the cute little crafts we would bring back. I could make scrunchies for Leah and Audrey too...a minature one for Leah's hair, ahhh. :-) And ribbon bows! I absolutely loved the ones that had my name all over them. If you forgot my name, you could just look at my head! My mom had it good...dressing kids in the age of spandex pants and big shirts, with scrunchies and tube socks! It was like the age of the frumpy kid = awesome! Sure, spandex is making a comeback, but somehow I'm not feeling seeing girls' butts jiggly in their spandex pants and shirts that don't cover them. Wear a skirt! That's my view on fashion!

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