Thursday, September 30, 2010


The part of Birmingham and the part of Nashville we live in are very similar.

In Nashville, we lived in Antioch.  In Birmingham, we live in Roebuck.

Both cities have a reputation for not being the safest places in certain parts of the towns.  Where we live/lived just happens to be on the places that people think of as not being the best in the world.

Both towns make people look at you a little bit cock-eyed when you tell them where you live.

Both towns make you want to explain to other people; 'it's ok ... I live in the nicer part of town!  Honestly!"

Both towns have 24/7 cop patrol


In Antioch, we would always see cops driving around and patrolling the area.  I could not make the 1 mile drive to the Kroger without seeing a cop driving on the road.  And then when I got to the Kroger, there was another cop standing watch at the front doors.  There was even a cop that hung out at the Sonic from nightfall till when they closed.  It's amazing how safe you feel when there's a cop on every corner.

In Roebuck ... well, Andrew is the only one who has ventured out in this area after dark.  He called me and told me that I am not allowed to leave after dark.  (Thank goodness Trussville is just an interstate exit away)  The only cop he has seen was in plain clothes and an undercover car.

But I have seen cops ... in the 8 days that I have driven to and from work, at least 4 of those days there was a cop patrolling speeders.  And they are not just sitting there and having people slow down ... no these coppers are tricky.  More than once they are pulled up flush at the end of a bridge at the end of a curve so they just kinda blend in.  Yesterday the dude was lurking in the shadow of an overhang.

Not that I know what goes on internally, and not that I'm trying to make judgments, but it seems to this 'never had a speeding ticket' citizen, that Birmingham Police may have their priorities at tad out of wack.  It seems like they are focusing more on speeders ... which is a source of revenue; than making their presence known in the more crime struck areas of town.  Maybe I'm completely off base ... but then again maybe I'm not ... maybe they should just run a cop car in front of my house every now and then to make me shut up (lol).

At least Trussville is only 7 interstate miles from here; they have bright lights and a better reputation ...

(Mama Fargo ... I mean no diss to the biz-ness)

to end on a happier note ... here's a picture of Leah's room:



  1. Haha, when Andrew told me where you were going to be renting I was like "are you sure about that? Have you put down a deposit yet??"

  2. oh, look at leah's books, neatly arranged. is it always like this? (please tell me it's not. my house always looks like a hurricane passed through. ALL. THE. TIME.)

  3. We stopped in Birmingham after our trip to the beach, and there was one neighborhood that reminded me of East Nashville...can't remember the name. It was cool though!! I think it's by a college.. LOL.. I know.. so specific..


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