Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh My

I have boxes coming out of my ears.

I have boxes randomly appearing in corners.

I am dreaming in boxes.

My kids are even getting lost in the boxes!  (but having the time of their life)...

So, if I'm not around here for a bit ... I'm sorry.  I'll be back; hopefully with some decorating stories, and moving pictures and more.

Until then ... I might put some pictures up here or here.

or I might stop by here to say HI!

and ask a question ... like ... which one do you like better? a or b?





  1. We moved a month ago, so I know how you feel!! ;o) I like A!! :o)

  2. I like the first one. Good luck with the move!

  3. I hope your move to the Magic City goes well. I like A!

  4. I like A because everyone's name is included. yeah.. on the moving.

  5. I like the first one, so cute! I so do not envy you right now. Good luck with everything.

    By the way I just realized I never responded to your email the other night, i am so sorry I honestly didn't mean to be a bad friend. I hope you can forgive me.


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