Thursday, September 9, 2010

Violet oh Violet

What is Violet but Purple by another name?

I love purple; it's my favorite color.  I had a purple room in high school ... never got old.  Since Leah has taken pink, I have dubbed Audrey my 'Purple Princess'

Don't worry ... Leah gets to wear violet too!

Also, I took my time yesterday and walked around Vanderbilt trying to capture some of it before I leave and I happened upon some perfect violet flowers to share today too!

See ... it never gets old!

for more of my pictures ... check out my photo blog:  Just Thinkin' in Pictures
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  1. I love her little tutu! Great post on violet. The girls are so cute.

  2. aawww...Audrey and Leah are so precious! Your flower photos are lovely!

  3. Purple is my favorite color too. This post is beautiful!

  4. Dear Christy,
    Sweet pics of the children.The tutu is so cute! Lovely shots of the violet flowers.

    Best wishes,
    Anna's Rainbow Violet

  5. Purple is such a pretty color. Great shots of your girls..

  6. Christy. Oh...babies and flowers. A perfect visit on a hot, boring Arizona Saturday afternoon.

    I love how you inset those smaller pictures. That looks soooo neat.

    And, oh...those girls. Absolute angels. If you need a babysitting I am available any time, day or night.

    A precious and lovely stop on our little journey through Rainbow Summer Schools' Violet.

    Thank you for linking.


  7. Your babies are beautiful no matter what color they're wearing!

  8. omg absolutely gorgeous girls!!!!! I have 3 boys and a Tomgirl... and we can trade ANYTIME!! okay maybe not anytime but at least for pink and purple bows, rosy cheeks, tutus, and fufu?

  9. What beautiful "violet" girls. I am just getting around to visiting violet posts and you are my first.


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