Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Parking Lot Fair

Last Friday we went to go eat at Cici's ... it's cheap, gets you out of the house, and Leah can eat all the pizza she wants while Andrew and I try to limit the amount we eat.  In the parking lot outside the restaurant there was a 'parking lot fair' going on ... 'parking lot fair' is my term for it, but I think it fits!

Day 3

I thought ... hey we can just go and walk around and that will be fun!  We don't have to spend money ... just walk around and have fun.  Well, that lasted until Leah saw the 'fishy ride' and just had to ride it.  Well, at $2 a ride ... Leah and Daddy talked me into it.

I mean ... come on ... they use a rope as a seat belt and the ride starts off with the carnival man giving it a running start (although he knew I was concerned so Leah's running start wasn't that fast).

and ... she loved it!  LOVED IT!  and I'm glad I let her go on it!  The kids in front were waving their hands, so at one point Leah decided to be daring (that picture is in the collage below).

and then .... Leah cried as we left.  I am so ready for the day that we can have fun and not have the fun time ruined by a crying child because she doesn't want to leave... sigh ...



  1. It looks like a lot of fun! There was one in Hattiesburg the other day, but we are always in Hattiesburg during the day when they are not opened. I don't think that day will come when she isn't sad to be leaving something fun. Sephy still will throw a fit sometimes and she is 11. =)

  2. how fun! I miss parking lot fairs (that's what we called them too). now we wait for the end of summer to head to the county fair :::sigh::: things were so much cheaper, I mean easier, back then :)

  3. aww, look at her go! jackjack cries, too, whenever we had to pry him away from the arcade. and all he does is shoot toddler-sized hoops :)

  4. $2 a ride is rather ridiculous, but at least she had a good time!

  5. It looks like a lot of fun. We have one that comes to town every couple of months, I think we need to take the girls one time. They always want to go but I am afraid of the rides safety. I am just an over protective mom who obsesses over eveything


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