Monday, September 27, 2010

Movies on a Monday

I . am . tired .

the end

that would make for a pretty crappy post, but a very true one, lol.  Saturday we drove to Nashville and cleaned up the apatment, turned our keys in and drove home in time for the second half of the Auburn game.  Sunday I rode with my family to Dothan (~4 hours south) for Aunt Lucinda's funeral.  This morning I went to work and had a pretty full day.

i am tired ...

so now as I sit here at 6:30 pm drinking a cup of coffee ... I have words somewhere, but I just can't seem to type them out.  Instead, I'll share a few videos that make me smile!

This is a video of us playing around the new house.  The hardwood floors have helped Audrey master walking in her little walker.  It's too cute!

Proud Auburn band member for 4 years ... 2003-2006. Love watching this! Still gives me chills!

War Damn Eagle!

that is all!

hope I made you smile too ... unless your a Bama fan ... then you should feel nervous because the Tigers are coming in after you in November!



  1. It made me smile big! Hey I was at Auburn the same time you were (well... 2002-2006).

  2. Ahhh, so amazing! Sadly, there were no band videos (and no new pregame!!) while I was in the band. I love that they are so respected and get so much recognition now :)

  3. WDE! I only get to Auburn about once per season these days, so the band videos pretty much a surprise every time (because I've forgotten about them in the meantime, not being used to them while I was there). It's pretty fabulous. Love this year's!


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