Monday, September 13, 2010

Changes are a Comin'

Changes are coming for me and my family!  In case you haven't heard, we are moving from Nashville to Birmingham in T-7 days.  Yup, that's this Sunday.

I also feel like I need to make some changes here.  I'm not exactly sure what, but something needs to improve.  That little widget over there says I have 331 followers ... but I don't know all of y'all and I surely don't hear from many in comments.

So, my writing isn't interesting enough to come comment ... I'm not trying to self-deprecate promise; I want to start asking questions at the end of my posts that may encourage people to come share with me.  I'm not in the 'favorites ... must comment' list for many people, and that may be because I don't know them well enough.

In real life ... I am shy.  I've never had a ton of friends; I'm better at making friends and then sticking to them like glue, but I want to change that.  I feel almost anxious to email someone out of the blue.  I have made some absolutely wonderful friends by doing that, but I want to be more approachable to more people.

So, I'm going to try to figure out Twitter better, make a Facebook page, and hopefully figure out and start a Blog Frog group.  

Most importantly ... I need to wrap my head around what my whole concept for this blog is.

So, there ya go ... changes all around ... the leaves are changing colors, we are changing states, I am starting a new job, and I'm re-vamping my blog.

Would love suggestions!!!!!

Oh, and have I shown you pictures of the house we are renting?  too excited!!!
built in 1955 and re-done by the owner
beautiful hardwoods throughout the home

it even has a playroom!

There still will be Self Reflections Tuesday tomorrow ... thinking of making a new button for it though... the topic is:  Describe a typical day of your life as an animal. You pick the species!



  1. Teh house is gorgeous though I do not envy you the move. I would lose it if I had to move out of state.. my whole family is here..

  2. gorgeous house!

    and I am the same way - I was shy growing up and still have a hard time making new friends. of course, that might explain why the first 4 friends I ever remember having, I STILL HAVE! not everyone can say that the 4 girls she met in 2nd grade, 4th grade and on the baseball fields are still in her life after 30 :::mumble::: years :)

  3. ooh, so excited for you! is the new house bigger? that would be great so the girls have more room to play.

    i dont think i'm shy. there'd be a protest if anyone would ever suggest that. it's more of i have difficulty making friends because i'm frank. being asian, we try hard not to offend people, so we break bad news gently. we beat around the bush, if we have to. it's an art, subtlety. i dont have it.

    oh, and asking a question at the end of your posts is a good idea. i read it at SITS before. asking questions engages your readers and invites comments :)

    are you done packing? :)

  4. I don't comment on blogs too much, just read mostly because I'm at work. Good luck on your move! Do you know anyone in Birmingham? If not, I can be your first friend!!! I live in a suburb just south of the Ham and grew up in a suburb just north and I drive to downtown to work everyday. you are more than welcome to email me about anything you might have questions about! my email is!!

  5. How exciting!!!!

    I am also shy in person until I get to know people. I think I have gotten a little better with it in the last year or so but its still hard when I don't know someone.

    I would love to comment more often on the blogs I read but to be honest I struggle just to find the time to read...Its not that I am not reading though, just having a hard time finding that balance just yet.

    Good luck on your move and all of the other upcoming changes. Its Fall.... One of my favorite times of the year. (The other is spring)

  6. I am jealous. Your rental house is gorgeous...especially those floors.

    I don't comment because most of the time I am reading very's nothing's the "I have 5 kids, 3 of whom I homeschool, ten million loads of laundry, 40 million doctor appts, a cat to chase, a husband to keep up with....." ROTFLOLOL

  7. I totally feel ya....I have been blogging for 4 years this month and I still don't have anyone I really can call a "bloggy BFF". I think it's because I'm shy like you said, and I hate talking on the phone, I very rarely get on twitter (I did get closer to some blog friends that way when I tweeted more), and I work full time so I don't have as much online time as some others.
    That said, you're moving closer to me, I'm in North Florida! =) Email me anytime!
    PS I LOVE the new house, gorgeous!

  8. Yay for the move! We'll have to work out when you can bring by a big vehicle for the couch/etc. and when I can drop by for a housewarming!


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